Classical guitars

My favorite classical guitar has a light construction. It is  sensitive and full of tone. Trebles are thick and powerful and the bass is clear and open. I give special attention to the top material, which I think is the key to the best possible tone.


This model is a variation of an  instrument built by Hermann Hauser for Segovia. I mixed in some influences from Santos Hernandes. Construction is classic Torres-type.

Technical information:

  • Scale: 650 mm
  • Neck width at nut: 52 mm
  • Neck width at 12th fret: 62 mm
  • String pitch at bridge: 59 mm
  • Top: European spruce
  • Side and back: Indian rosewood
  • Neck: Spanish cedar
  • Fretboard: ebony
  • Bridge: rosewood
  • Nut and saddle: Finnish moose bone
  • Tuners: Schaller
  • Finish: French polish


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